What is a Big Mouth Downspout?

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What is a Big Mouth Downspout?

The Big Mouth is a weather proof exterior grade plastic funnel installed between the gutter and the downspout. The standard opening for a downspout is 2″ x 3″. The opening for the Big Mouth is 3″ x 8″. This dramatically larger opening allows debris to exit the gutters with the increased water flow from the funnel design of the Big Mouth. Gutter Master’s is the exclusive dealer for Big Mouths in central Illinois.

What is the advantage of installing Big Mouth downspout outlets to a gutter system?

The huge 3″ x 8″ opening that is put in the bottom of the gutter when installing the Big Mouth greatly increases the flow of debris and water from the gutter. This greatly reduces the chance of any debris clogging the gutters.

Can Big Mouths be installed in my existing gutter system?

If your existing gutters are in good working condition, then the addition of Big Mouth downspouts would be a smart upgrade to any gutter system.

Are Big Mouths available in different colors?

Yes, Peoria Gutter Masters can offer Big Mouths in 28 different colors, so to best fit the style of your home.

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