As a homeowner, why should I care what type of hanger bracket is used to install my gutters?

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As a homeowner, why should I care what type of hanger bracket is used to install my gutters?

Very simple. The 3 main components of a quality gutter installation versus a poor gutter system are: 1 – Quality and thickness of the aluminum. 2 – The hanger brackets used to install your gutters. 3 – Installers craftsmanship and experience. Our patented (U.S. Patent #6,726,155) HangTite brackets are “hands-down” the best bracket available. Simply put, your hanger brackets can determine how long your gutter system lasts and if it will continually need repairs throughout its life.

What makes the HangTite bracket better?

Several reasons. Its curved design dramatically adds strength (rated at 260 lbs. per bracket) to carry the weight of a heavy ice dam build up, the double reinforced ribs channel water away from your fascia boards, the cantilever tail design adds greater support and its self contained screw with extra deep hex head, drills at an angle for a much stronger grip.

Are there any other benefits in using HangTite brackets?

Yes. Although you’re initial cost is slightly higher with our optional HangTite brackets, they could save you thousands of dollars in future repairs. Also, most companies only offer a 1 year warranty on their seamless gutter installations. At Gutter Masters due to the quality of materials we use and our technicians’ installation experience, we are able to offer a 3 year warranty on our standard systems. If you have us install a premium system, complete with HangTite brackets, we increase our warranty to 10 years!

Will HangTite brackets work on a metal building installation?

Yes. HangTite brackets are the ONLY bracket we will use for metal/steel buildings or residential homes with a steel roof. During the winter season in our area ice will “sheet-up” on steel roofs. When there is a day or two above freezing, these ice sheets can melt, causing them to slide off the roof and possibly tear off a regular gutter system. HangTite brackets grip strong enough to hold in place when this occurs. Also, on a steel building with “ribbed” side wall panels a regular gutter bracket can “strip-out” through the steel and cause the gutter to sag or fall off the building. With our curved and ribbed designed HangTite brackets the gutter holds securely to “ribbed” and/or steel side wall panels.

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