I called several companies for a gutter estimate. Gutter Masters set up an appointment at my convenience while the other companies just showed up at their convenience and left their estimate on our front door. Is it important that I meet with the estimator in person?

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What are seamless gutters? How are they different from the gutters on our house now that leak every 10 to 20 feet?

The gutters on your house are seamed gutters. Which means the gutters are lapped over to form a joint every10 feet or so. These joints are sealed with gutter sealant and anchored together. When a gutter expands and contracts with the heating and freezing of the seasons, these joints will break loose and start to leak. Seamless gutters are installed with no seams (except in the corners which cannot be avoided due to the designs of any system). We measure each length independently that your home needs and with our seamless gutter machine the gutter is made to that length, with no seams that leak!!!

Aren’t most seamless gutter systems basically the same?

No. In fact, there are dramatic differences between the “cheap” gutter systems and a quality seamless gutter installation. Unfortunately, many homeowners that opt to save a few dollars by going with the cheapest gutter estimate usually end up spending possibly thousands of dollars in future home repairs due to water damage caused by a company that installed inferior gutter materials with amateur installers so they could give you the “cheapest” estimate.

What type of damage could happen to my home if my gutters are installed improperly?

Your home could incur several expensive repairs. A poor gutter system can cause: fascia rot, soffit rot, mildew, mold, siding damage, foundation damage, water in basement, cement cracks, landscape damage and erosion.

Our house is only 3 years old. The gutters have always overflowed in a hard rain and wash dirt from around the foundation. What is the problem?

There could be one or a combination of problems. 1). Improperly installed gutters (pitched the wrong way) will hold water and over flow in a hard rain. This is also a breeding ground for mosquitoes. 2). Improper placement or sizing or downspouts. 3). Not enough downspout for the length of gutter runs, or a combination of several more problems. You should have this problem repaired. Foundation repairs from water damage are very expensive.

How can I tell the difference between a good or bad gutter system?

The 3 main aspects you should be concerned with (in order) are: 1. Installers Experience 2. Thickness of Aluminum (*See Note) 3. Quality of Hanger Brackets. *NOTE: Some companies use .032 gauge aluminum (thickest available) for their gutters as we do. You also need be aware of the downspouts. Don’t be fooled by companies that use .032 gauge aluminum on the gutters, but then install the “thinner” aluminum downspouts without your knowledge. At Gutter Masters, we only use the thickest downspout aluminum available (.024 gauge) on your home.

Why is a “Big Mouth” downspout outlet better than a standard downspout outlet?

Our exclusive and U.S. Patented Big Mouth downspout outlets are 3 times larger that a standard outlet and are “funnel” shaped in design. Big Mouths will drain at least 3 times more water, allow most leaves, sticks and debris to flow out of your gutters and greatly reduces clogging. The harder it rains, the better they work! Gutter Masters is proud to be the only distributor and installer in central Illinois.

How far apart do you install your hanger brackets?

We install our hanger brackets every 2 feet. We also offer our U.S. Patented HangTite brackets that increase your warranty to 10 years! HangTite brackets are “commercial duty” brackets designed and patented for residential seamless gutter systems. HangTites are the only bracket that we recommend for longevity on residential homes, pole barns and steel buildings.

Why should I be concerned about my gutter system working properly?

Simple… The only thing that can damage your home more and faster than water is fire! Water damage creates problems over time and is hard to detect in most cases. A faulty gutter system can literally cause tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage if gone undetected.

Are the larger downspouts worth the extra expense?

A definite yes. 2″ x 3″ downspouts only give you 6 square inches (2″ x 3″ = 6″) of water drainage capacity. The larger 3″ x 4″ downspouts double your drainage capacity to 12 square inches. The larger downspouts are installed with larger outlet holes in the gutter which also help keep your gutters cleaner by allowing more debris to flow through and out of your gutters.

I need a new roof as well as new gutters. Which should I do first?

Always have your roof done first. We will be happy to work with your roofing contractor to ensure everything coordinates smoothly and the proper drip edge is installed. This is especially important if you are having any type of flat roof installed.

I called several companies for a gutter estimate. Gutter Masters set up an appointment at my convenience while the other companies just showed up at their convenience and left their estimate on our front door. Is it important that I meet with the estimator in person?

Yes. Gutter Masters wants all of our customers to meet us. We ask what your problems, needs, and concerns are for your home. We then design a custom gutter system that correctly carries rain water away from your home and make a professional presentation to you, the customer. Anything less is a disservice to you the customer and very unprofessional.

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