What is the difference between vinyl gutters or aluminum gutters you can get at the local store and the aluminum gutters you sell?

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What is the difference between vinyl gutters or aluminum gutters you can get at the local store and the aluminum gutters you sell?

The problem with “store bought” vinyl or aluminum gutters is they are pieced together with joints and joints eventually leak. When installing vinyl gutters, they can not be installed under the drip edge due to the hanging bracket design which enables water to run between the facia board and the gutter. At Gutter Masters we install the thickest aluminum available, 032″ gauge, wall thickness which will gives homeowners the most durable gutter for their money. Seamless aluminum gutters are installed under the roof drip edge which eliminates water running between the facia boards and the gutters.

Since we have been in the market for new gutters, we have noticed that some companies advertise their use of .032 gauge aluminum for the gutters. Does this mean that all gutter systems are the same?

Definitely not. Most of the companies that once used thinner aluminum have been forced to upgrade to .032 gauge aluminum due to higher consumer awareness. In other words, this is an attempt to fool the consumer into believing that all gutter systems are the same. Unfortunately, these same companies will sometimes “cut corners” in other areas such as: thinner downspouts, smaller hanger brackets, regular screws and sub-standard installers to name a few. When choosing a seamless gutter system for your home, you should be aware of all materials that will be used as well as the installer’s experience.

Our old gutters are installed with very long; big nails which are always hanging loose from the gutters. Our gutters are pulling away from the house. Any suggestions?

The old way of installing gutters is called the furrow and spike method. You already know the problems with this type of installation. Gutter Masters installs seamless gutters with a heavy duty big body hidden hanger bracket. Gutter Masters warranties the bracket for 10 years. Your gutters will remain tight to your facia boards.

Our gutters are only a few years old, and already the screws on the downspouts are rusty. There are ugly rust streaks on the down spout. What causes this?

Apparently, your gutters were installed with inexpensive screws and that is why they rusted so soon. At Gutter Masters, we use stainless screws on all our gutter systems. They do not rust. Stainless screws cost us more than standard screws but our customers are worth it.

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